It is compulsory that every pupil should wear a clean , starched and ironed school uniform with school identity card.

  1. The School Uniform must be worn everyday.
  2. Only Black Rainy sandals must be used during monsoons.
  3. Boys Hair Must be simple short crop befitting school. Girls hair should either be bobbed or plaited and black ribbon should be used.
  4. Finger-nails must be cut short and kept clean . They must also be un-adorned by nail- varnish.
  5. During the winter season only navy blue sweaters must be worn for the primary section and red Sweaters for the K.G Section and navy blue canvas shoes and navy blue socks for primary section. for the K.G section student should wear black shoes and socks.
  6. Party clothes are not allowed to be worn during birthday or any occassion.
  7. Applying of Mehandi is strictly not allowed.
  8. Any other Belt other than school uniform Belt is strictly not allowed.