1.Attention of Parents/ Guardians is drawn to the fact without their help and co-operation not much fruit can be expected from the efforts made to mould their childre’s character in school.

2.Parents are informed that occasional remarks are made by the Teachers in the school calendar. They are requested to sign the progress reports and any other reports of their children whether the reports are satisfactory or not.

3.The school calendar is to be brought to the class daily. The school declaims all responsibility if  through failure to produce the calendar a pupil is obliged to return home during school hours.

4. If a pupil is absent through illness for more than a week the principal must be informed in time . If a pupil is absent for a test or an exam, doctor’s certificates should be given within 3 days.

5. Should there be any infectious disease at home , Parents should report the fact to the principal at once and should not send their child class till the danger of infection has passed.

6.No private tutor, whether of the school staff or not, may be engaged without the principal’s/ Head Mistress consent.

7.Parents should remember to fill in the Declaration Form given in the calendar and the specimen signature which may be referred to as and when necessary.

8.Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone number.

9.When communication with the Principal , parents  are requested to mention in their the name, standard, Roll No. and division of their children.

10.Parents are advise not to let their children bring expensive watches, mobiles, money or any valuable articles to school.

11.Parents or Guardians , should make it a point to pay the monthly fees and thus save the school authorities much trouble and inconvenience.

12.Parents or Guardians unable to pay the fees by the specified date, shall on the same date write to the Principal stating when they will settle accounts. No fees may be delayed beyond the end of the month.