1. Pupils are expected to return to school after the holidays on the reopening day.
  2. pupils are supposed to return punctually to school after the holiday unless ill and medical certificate is produced on their return.
  3. Regular attendance in school is compulsory.
  4. No pupil should be absent from school except in case of necessity. An absentee must on his/her return to school produce a note in her/his calendar from her parent or guardian stating the reason for absence.
  5. If a pupil be ill due to some Contagious disease the Principal should be informed as soon as possible and the pupil must not be sent to school until all danger of carrying infection is over . Leave of absence will be granted only for grave and sufficient reasons.
  6. Pupils who are absent must bring written application or justification in ABSENCE RECORD in their calendar, certified by their parents or guardians , and not in private letters.
  7. If a pupil is sick during the unit test or Examinations, Doctor’s Certificate along with the Leave application should be submitted in the office within 3
  8. Attendance at official school functions like Sports Day , Independence Day , etc. is compulsory.